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February is here!

I was so looking forward to the start of a new month and it's here!

February, although really annoying to spell, is a month that I'm really trying to embrace this year. Usually it falls into an unpleasant association with January (good riddance) but this year I'm trying to adopt a new outlook on February.

First of all, I get to look forward to a new Birchbox (yay!). Second, I may be a rare creature but I love Valentine's Day and celebrating it from Feb 1- Feb 14. Third, I always remember that by Valentine's Day it's not complete darkness when I leave work! And most importantly, it's Gracie's Birthday Month!

Oh and something else to celebrate! We completed our month-long Mac & Cheese Cleanse and it wasn't so bad!
This month I'm giving up Diet Coke, but hopefully for good, not just until March. I'm just not ok with what's in there anymore.

So Birthday Month. Grace and I kicked off Birthday Month yesterday with an impromptu trip to the Mall. I think it was even her idea... "Wan go Mall, wan see Santa, wan ride Merry Go Round, wan ice cream". The kid had an agenda. Grace grabbed her purse(s) and we were off! Luckily Target opened early but as for the rest of the Mall we had to wait, and wait. So by the time the Merry Go Round opened at 11 we were first in line. And then it was straight to Pinkberry because I promised that too. I was done by about 11:30. That's what happens when you go to the Mall too early on a Sunday.

Flower Dress - Old Navy

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