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Valentine's Day Cards (I'm not good at these either)

It seems like just yesterday I was pouring my heart out to you all and admitting that I'm not great at Christmas cards... remember?

Well... we've officially reached the Valentine's Day procrastination zone/you're way too late to even think about mailing anything deadline. Luckily, Grace has it covered. She finished her Valentine's Day cards yesterday and plans on seeing Nana, Nannie & Poppy, and Memere this week so no need to bother with the pesky US Postal Service.

Grace's Card Factory
And as for me, I've got my husband and baby covered (I actually sent Grace a Valentine's Day card through the mail via Fashion Week because Papyrus was generously handing out and mailing cards to your loved ones from their booth in the tents!) but I also like to share the love for Valentine's Day -My Sister, BFFs, Friends who are co-workers, grandparents I won't see, etc.  This year I found a really fun selection of eCards at Paperless Post. I love Paperless Post. And for the record. they are in no way sponsoring me or forcing me to say such wonderful things about them, I just like them ok!

I just sent Grace's Birthday invites via Paperless Post and while I was over there, spotted these fun Valentine's Day cards.

Paperless Post Valentine's Day Cards
And just in case you need some help, visit their "An Illustrated Field Guide to Valentine's Day"

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