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Pink and Gold Party

Grace turns 2 tomorrow and we are having a party! Wait, let me try that again. We are having TWO parties!

Tomorrow we'll be hosting family at our house and then on Sunday we'll be hosting her little girl friends at the Providence Children's Museum. We did invite boys, I swear, but not one of them could come!

Anyway, for tomorrow's fiesta at our house we're going with a Pinkalicious theme. You know, the little girl who ate too many pink cupcakes and literally turned pink? May this serve as a warning dear Gracie... there are consequences in this world. Just kidding! A Pinkalicious theme was perfect to combine Gracie's love of cupcakes with my favorite color scheme du jour - pink and gold!

Believe me, things won't get as fancy schmancy as my Pinterest Inspiration, but it's fun to look at isn't it!

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