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5 Things on My Radar in July

After a grueling pace in June (most of it was fun at least!), I'm looking forward to a slightly more relaxed July. At 33 weeks pregnant, I don't really have a choice because my body is demanding to slow down. I've found my energy levels to be astoundingly diminished compared to last time. Thanks Toddler.

1. Popsicles. All the Popsicles.
Zoku Quick Pop Maker - Amazon $50
I just bought this Zoku Quick Pop Maker because the toddler and I are ALLL about the popsicles. Not sure if my Fudgesicles officially count as a "craving" but I will tell you that I've upped my serving size to 3. This beauty arrives tomorrow and I'll promise to give you the full report once I start using it.

2. Periscope
Sorry Meerkat, things just didn't work out between us. After downloading Meerkat's live-broadcasting app at SXSW I really tried to make things work, but it turns out that Twitter's own Periscope won the battle so I recently switched over. I love the idea of this real-time broadcast technology that can either be accessed to view through the Periscope app, or through your Twitter timeline (via tweets & links within). If you haven't tried it, July is your month! Download Periscope in the App Store or Google Play and look for me @Jemstaa.

3. Comfy Sandals
Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling - Amazon $36
Guess what. My feet, already not my best assets, are pretty messed up (swollen) at this stage. Enter the most comfortable sandals I've ever found. I originally bought the pink tie-dye pair for the beach and also had to turn around and purchase these in black so I could wear them to work. Another selling point? My middle school neighbor said to me, "I love your sandals! I've been seeing them around a lot." So they're clearly trendy to boot. At least in the middle school crowd.
4. Maine

Jesus Take the Wheel, we are going to Maine. Well at least that's the plan, albeit modified, right now. For the past few years, we've traveled to York Beach, Maine every July and rented the same beach house with Matt's family. This year Grace and her grandparents will likely go up for the whole week and Matt and I will join them a little later in the week, providing everything is going well. Vacations are fun right! Not quite "relaxing" with a 3 year old so you sense my hesitation...

5. A new puppy niece/nephew!

Which one is your favorite?
Later this month, one of these six Labradoodle puppies will be going home with my sister and her fiancé and I can't wait to be a fur baby Auntie! I love pets, just as long as they belong to other people :) My husband and I are currently enjoying our pet free life for a little while longer at least after 20 years with a cat who could have easily been featured on My Cat from Hell. We probably need therapy. 

**This post includes 2 affiliate links to the products sold on Amazon. If you make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.**

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