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Mommy and Me Maternity Shoot

Grace is into all things baby nostalgia right now which is errr fun when trying to prep for baby #2. We set up the crib a few weeks back when we were moving into our 2nd floor renovation mostly to get it out of Grace's room because she got upgraded to the BGB (big girl bed) and she's been trying to get in it or get her dolls in it ever since. Since I don't really feel like investing in a replacement crib because my 3 year old crashed through this one, I try to keep her out of it. Of course she wanted nothing to do with my plans during this photoshoot.

32 Weeks
One of my favorite things about being pregnant with a second baby is the commentary I get from my first baby. Things like, "Mommy, I love your big fat tummy." or "Make her kick me in the head again."

We also love that Grace has named her baby sister Spyder. Despite the fact she is terrified of spiders...

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