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Summer Maternity Style

With less than six weeks to go until my due date, I have to say, I am loving Summer Maternity Styles way more than Winter! Grace was born in February so by the time I had a bump to work with it was all sweaters and leggings (even a winter coat conundrum to deal with). This time around, despite the numerous comments about my August due date, I'm enjoying getting dressed more. Hell, I even bought maternity shorts.

So what's in my wardrobe? Well, I originally started off with a number of jeans that I got at Gap (on sale of course because Gap is always on sale). Some were comfortable at first, a pair with a demi panel were my go-to - but for the most part they were fitting weird, too baggy, too tight in other places, no stretch in the knees, etc. etc. I also ordered the first batch in my regular size online and then had to return them and go down 2 sizes! Now that it's way too hot for jeans I no longer feel obligated to make them work.  Mostly I'll wear dresses, skirts, or yoga pants on the weekends/after work. For shoes I've managed to find some really comfortable sandals, and flats that I've already had for a season (Tieks-check them out!) I also stocked up on Gap's Pure Body tanks to form a base layer of any outfit. This little trick has let me get away with not having to buy to many specific maternity tops or sweaters. Another favorite: Gap's Foldover Shirred Skirt - currently on sale for $9.99. Buy 3! Probably a good time to note that Gap isn't paying me to say this :) I just happened to do really well shopping their sales, and it had the best selection of maternity within a lunch-break radius.

Summer Maternity Style

And one more key to my maternity style/physical comfort. This sexy maternity belt which attempts to keep my wobbly and unstable SI joints from falling apart.

Buy one today! This is an affiliate link so I could make a small commission if you do.

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