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Happy Birthday Grace!

Every year we always have a lot going on between a little before Grace's birthday and basically Easter. I always attribute this to entering my birth sign (Pisces), literally right before Grace's bday and that takes us pretty much to Easter!

This year was no exception. Hence, this post is a little late. Amazing, actually that I was able to squeeze it in between our vacation and my next trip in a few days (I'll be in Austin y'all).

Anyway, so I can remember it for years to come, here's a quick round up of Grace's 4th birthday.

Birthday at Biomes (recommend it for the local RI crowd!) 

Since our party was 10-12 we did a cereal theme bar. Big hit among the 4 yr olds (like mine) who are deprived of the sugar cereal we grew up on.

1 Allie's Rainbow Donut Cake sent by the Gods

Post Party Family Party featuring Addi the Doodle

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