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Modern Movie Night

How About a Family Movie Night?

The Modern Movie Night looks a little different this year whilst in the middle of a raging pandemic.

I honestly can't remember the last movie I saw at a theater, but the thought of actually going to the movies seems like a remote memory at this point in 2020. I'm not terribly upset by that, to be honest, I never really liked "going to the movies" anyway and always felt like it was an overly expensive experience.

For now, the days are getting shorter and temps are cooling off here in New England driving families back into their living rooms. Soon, we'll be looking for interesting ways to get through this winter and build on those family connections and rituals. With so many screens in this house, I wanted to do something special to revive our movie nights and make them an event. 

Step 1: The Snacks

Candy that you wouldn't normally stock in your house can be stored in "Movie Night" canisters and instead of the microwave popcorn, try our favorite air popper with kernel seasoning.

Step 2: The Cozy

Warm fuzzy blankets and ambient candle lighting (...check)

Step 3: The Entertainment

It's 2020 y'all, the options are endless. Almost frustratingly so. What's not frustrating? Our Roku Streaming Stick that we bought to replace our slow-ass "Smart TV". Never looking back. 

Family Movie Night Ideas

All the items you need for the perfect movie night ritual can be found at

Shopping List

1/ Twizzlers $5.98 2/ M&Ms $8.98 3/Air Tight Candy Canisters $14.88 4/ Sherpa Throw Blanket $8.88 ea 5/ Zen Candle $11.99 6/ Air Popcorn Maker $21 7/ Popcorn Bowl $11.59 8/ Kettle Corn Seasoning $1.98 9/ Roku Sreaming Stick + $48.95 10/ Movie Sour Patch Kids $0.98

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