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Vacation Finale

In one more indulgent post that is probably more for me to look back on years from now... I present you with the vacation finale! We all knew I couldn't sustain a daily recap for 7 days. I basically stopped typing them up in bed while Grace slept on the stressful no power/near grease fire night. After that I struggled to report that day's events to their full potential and the rest is history.

Now that I'm almost a week out I'm all...wait, what even happened on my vacation?
First up... Family Reunion Night where we attempted to make the Family photo an annual tradition. It's never easy (herding cats always comes to mind) but at least I had a tripod this year! Please ignore the shadow on the left. I tried to warn them but they wouldn't stay out of it. Pick your battles.

Here's the winning photo. Again. 19/20 ain't bad. Sorry Landon.

Next we really pissed off Grace by extending the photo taking process.

She was thrilled.

Once the sun set we tried our hand at Sparkler Photography. I set up my tripod, turned the shutter speed down low and Matt lit some sparklers. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out as planned (to write fun things with sparklers) because monitoring two 10 year old boys with sticks of fire ended up requiring a good deal of supervision.

Once Grace caught wind of what we were doing and demanded to join in the fun it was game over. Hoping to try this again this weekend with my sister!

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