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York Beach: Day 2

Day 2 started nice and late thanks to a late rising toddler. Grace actually slept until after 9:30 and it was glorious! I've been going to bed with her (the sleeping arrangements are a little weird and not entirely toddler friendly) so I've had a very good sleep track record since we've been here. 

We thought it was going to rain this morning but it was beautiful and much warmer than yesterday. 

Got a bit of a late start at the beach but got to sneak in a little sand time before the tide rolled in. 

Super foggy

I still can't get over the wild tide swings here. 

We had to leave the beach and go back to the house for lunch because there was literally no sand once the tide came up. 

Grace got her muddy puddle fix on the way back. 

After lunch the fog cleared up and we had to drag Grace out of the water after more than 2 hours of running back and forth. She's got the diaper rash to prove it. 

To round out the day, we had dinner at the Oarweed in Ogunquit. Awesome seafood. Decor is interesting. Everything (and I mean everything) is covered in shellac, tables, chairs, the walls. It's a little weird. 

But again, the food is great. This was the 2nd year in a row we've made the trip a few miles north to lovely Ogunquit. 

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