Jul 2, 2014

What's in my Land's End Extra Large Tote beach bag?

What's in my Land's End beach bag? The answer may surprise you.

But let's back up for a minute. First of all, the million dollar question (or the one I always ask at the beginning of each blog post featuring a "gushing" blogger): Did Land's End pay you to say this? NOPE. Y'all should know by now that I post about things I love. So I slapped down my credit card (and coupon, of course) and had to explain to the husband why I needed a gigantic bag - just like the rest of you.

Inspiration struck during an earlier beach trip this year. A trip in which I was caught hauling multiple bags, a chair, cooler, and a sand bucket. Grace has an adorable monogrammed canvas tote from Pottery Barn that was a gift from her BFF Lily. I cram that thing to the brim everyday with the toddler essential - diapers, wipes, extra clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, yogurt raisins, random toys, my old license (no idea why that's in there but I also haven't taken it out, I'd like to think Grace just likes to look at my mug shot)... It's even perfect for her beach bag because I just throw in a towel and go. But. I have needs too. Granted, now that I'm a Mom I no longer need to pack my fashion magazines (because I'll never get a moment to sit down) but I at least need a towel, some clothes, maybe some snacks! Add Dad to the mix and we're talking about a family of towels, picnic lunch, first aid kit, extra clothes etc etc.  I'll stop rambling and get to the point. I needed a bigger BAG. A giant MOM-sized bag. And I knew just where to go. www.landsend.com So I went there and started to read the comments. "I got the XL but it was just a little too big." Perfect.
source: land's end
So I painstakingly created and customized the perfect Mom Family bag. Black for a little edge and pink but not so much that Dad won't carry the thing.

Introducing... The Carrier carrier - XL Open Tote

Perfectly coordinating black trim and pink coral embroidery.

On our next outing I'll fill it up and snap a pic so you can see how it holds up.

Grace (clearly) loves it too. When she walked in the door last night I said, "Gracie, look at Mommy's huge new bag!" To which she replied, "I can go in it?". Sure why not.

Do you have a favorite Mom bag?

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