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Stop Sitting All Day

Sitting down all day sucks. 

My neck and shoulders could tell you all about it, but I'll leave it to The Science to really tell the story.

Sitting is the New Smoking

By now, I'm sure you've heard that "Sitting is the new smoking." Yikes. It's pretty terrifying when you start to tally up all of the time spent sitting throughout your day. But then there's standing... who hasn't come home from a long day on their feet with sore legs?

What's the alternative? 

Focal Upright promotes a 3rd option - leaning. Leaning positions your body in a neutral position between standing and sitting that allows you to add more movement into your day. 

Focal Upright's Mogo Seat

Focal Upright is giving away one of their signature portable leaning seats. If you're new to the concept of leaning, this seat is a great way to ease into it! The Mogo Seat conveniently folds up and fits in a backpack so you can take it from the office to the soccer field. 

Easy entry for your chance to win a Mogo Seat! 

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How would you use your new Mogo Seat?

Do me a favor? Repin this?

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