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I Hate Grocery Shopping

What's your least favorite errand? Is it grocery shopping? It's probably grocery shopping. 

I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING! I want to get in and out of there as fast as possible.

Grocery Shopping Nightmares with Kids
Uh yes, these are my kids and this was a real grocery shopping trip. Don't try this at home folks.

Enter Pampered Chef's Everyday Tote. Now hear the angels singing. Especially if you live near a grocery store with the magic checkout wand that you can bibbidi boppity boo your way through the aisles.

How Does It Work?

Each bag has two clips on the sides that affix to your shopping cart as seen in the bottom right image.

Different Uses for Everyday Tote

So now, imagine that you've scanned all of your items and have placed them in your Everyday Tote. Simply checkout with your scanner, grab your receipt and lift these bags out of your cart. They hold an incredible amount of groceries for the record. Like 40 lbs worth. Each. I know. Seriously.

Pampered Chef Everyday Tote
Grab and go!
 Because these bags can hold an incredible amount of stuff and roll up to almost nothing, I use these for everything!

Are you sold yet? As a departing visualization, let me leave you with this. You love your reusable bags. I'm sure of it. But what if those bags had clips so they didn't keep falling over in your grocery cart AND could each hold 40 lbs with a sturdy and comfortable shoulder strap?


Pampered Chef's Everyday Tote.

*Please note, I'm a Pampered Chef Consultant and this link will take you directly to my site. I wouldn't promote anything that I don't LOVE 110%. Contact me anytime if you have further questions.

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