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A Rambling Post: The Weekend

Grace Styled herself for the Neighborhood Block Party

Wow. We had a super busy weekend and I'm still recovering as I write this on Monday night. Why I keep thinking I'm super Mom and can handle all this activity with a not quite newborn anymore, I'll never know! But you know what? It might not be pretty but I can handle it so maybe I'll just roll with it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have a group of friends that were friends before the kids came along. It's always so much fun when we get together but now that we have kids I feel like we don't even have a second to find out what the other is up to! I have faith that this will get better... eventually, when we stop having kids and they've all reached the age of umm 8 maybe? I don't know? Is that reasonable?

Anyway, on Saturday morning we all met at my house before the town Halloween parade. Chaos ensued. We were late to the parade and Matt managed to drop Grace and I off so we could make it right in time to be the last paraders in front of the police car. Matt and Brooke met up with us a little along the route but we didn't even find the other 3 couples we came with until halfway through when they cut through the middle of the route. Oops.

Sunday was perhaps the most taxing thanks to a neighborhood yard sale I agreed to participate in. If you've ever had a yard sale you're probably cringing at this as we speak. Oyyy, I don't even want to think about it. From the multiple people who show up before 8 am to rifle through your boxes then hassle you for pricing information while you're setting up (this happens every.time.) to the customers who argue with you over $0.50 and then pay in pennies. WHY BOTHER. Next time I'm loading up my boxes and calling our local charity that nicely and stealthily comes to my driveway to pick up my goods. You see, the thing was, I had SO MUCH STUFF to get rid of due to my 2 month long declutter project that when the opportunity came up, my entrepreneurial self fell for the allure of setting up shop. Maybe I was starved for a little bit of marketing. The best part of the yard sale was when it was over. I pulled the tarp over the tables (did I mention it was also raining) and went inside to change out of damp clothes. I was inside for maybe 5 minutes when the doorbell rang and I looked outside to see people taking the tarp off the tables forcing me back out into the rain. People are crazy.

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