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Halloween How To: Mini Ghost Water Bottles

A big congratulations are in order for me. You see, I was the last parent to sign up to bring something to the Preschool Young 4's Halloween Party. It's ok though, who needs to be saddled with the standard cupcakes or fruit salad anyway? Too much work if you ask me. Instead, my creativity thrives under the conditions of time constraints and desperation.

That's how I came up with these Mini Ghost Water Bottles. I also figured that the teachers and parents didn't need another ounce of sugar added to the equation.

First gather your supplies. I bought 2 cases of mini Poland Spring bottles, a box of tissues, glue, very thin grosgrain ribbon, and of course googly eyes.

Assembly is easy and goes even faster with an assistant! Simply throw a tissue over your bottle and tie with the ribbon. Then dab some glue on each eye and affix to the cap. Done!

Due to the small parts in this project, it's not recommended for children under 3.

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