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Create a Gallery for Your Kid's Art in 10 Minutes

Do you have a pile of your child's art hanging around? Is your fridge covered with construction paper and glitter? Did you use regular old tape to stick your child's drawings on the kitchen wall and then the paint came off when you were trying to take it down? (That last one was definitely me. Shhh don't tell my husband.) If the answer is YES! Hold on to your hats, because I've discovered a solution that will only take you 10 minutes to execute.

I am all about speedy, yet impactful projects these days. Ever since reading Marie Kondo's book I have been on a roll with the decluttering (my favorite accessory is a trash bag), organizing, and home improvements. Gracie's artwork has been on our fridge and our kitchen wall since she started putting stickers on construction paper around 18 months. I love these little reminders of her creativity but my kitchen was starting to look crazy so I needed a way to display them appropriately. Now, originally, I was always enamored by the beautiful and elaborate frames you see on Pinterest, hung in pristine fashion to create a gallery wall. While I'm working on some version of that dream down in the playroom, I just don't have the TIMMMME to create that all over the house. And also, do you know how many works of art I receive in a month? A lot. I know myself and the September art would be in there for 15 years.

So what is a time strapped, yet highly motivated gal to do? Head straight to Amazon of course (while feeding the baby with the other hand) and invest in the following supplies:

2 Brad Nails - you may have these on hand, but if not maybe it's time to equip yourself with a picture hanging kit?


 1 Pack Mini Colorful Clothespins

If you need some additional art, I'll put Gracie to work straight away.

Fast forward 2 days when your Amazon shipment has arrived (because I trust you have Amazon Prime, don't you?).......

Take one of your nails and tie two knots around it with the twine. Bang into the wall while the baby is awake. Now tie two knots around the other nail and eyeball the proper location across the wall. No levels required... this isn't a "gallery wall" remember. Now with your twine in place, hang the art with the clothespins. Done. So easy.

Ready to shop? Click on the links below to purchase what you see in the project above. *These are affiliate links so if you purchase I will make a percentage of the sales. Please and thank you :)


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