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Operation Declutter: Tackling the Hall Closet

I just finished decluttering the hall closet and boy am I tired. I found this one to be a little emotionally draining because there were so many random things to deal with and make decisions about.

Here we are around 1pm

I started by taking everything out and then vacuuming and dusting the shelf. 

Most of the items in here didn't really belong in the hall closet to begin with and I realized what a dumping ground this had become. 😱 That meant that I had to decide where the items really did belong and traipse all over the house to restore order. When I was done I was amazed at how little actually belonged in the closet! A few pairs of shoes per person, a few coats, a basket of hats and gloves, and a shoe organizer that we use for the odd umbrella or sunscreen. Oh and then I snuck my purse in there after. 

Voilà! I finished around 3:30 pm. 

Before and After

Ok I did it, now it's your turn! Just start by pulling everything out. There's no turning back then! Good luck!

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