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Grace Opens her First Frozen Fash'em! What is a Fash'em??

If you have a toddler who has ever accessed your YouTube account, there's a good chance your little one has come across any of the following: Surprise Eggs (including but not limited to eggs covered in My Little Pony heads created entirely with Play-Doh), Blind Bags (Grace is fond of My Little Pony Cutie Mark Magic),  Toy Reviews (more plastic play sets than I ever knew existed),  and Grown Adults Playing with Toys. The latter of which I was considering quitting my day job and playing with toys all day, but I don't think I have the right "voice". And if you've ever seen one of these videos you will know what I mean. ; )

Anyway, since Grace was obsessed with these little squishy toys that came in what I'll describe as barrels, I thought I'd try to find one. I was at Toys R Us returning something and set out to find her first Fash'em. Apparently these are a hot item at the ol' TRU because they were out of My Little Pony and only had one Frozen Fash'em left. The associate at Toys R Us told me they were having trouble keeping them on the shelves because people were stealing them so their inventory showed there were many in stock when there were not. This is really a shame because 1. they are hard to find locally 2. Amazon has jacked up the price to $6.75 - Toys R Us is $3.49, but I'm currently only seeing the My Little Pony version online.

*These are affiliate links, if you decide you don't have the patience to visit your local Toys R Us, you can shop here and I will receive a small amount of commission. 

So, I let Gracie take it away. If nothing else, her enthusiasm for this little plastic toy will make you smile :)

Have your kids discovered these videos on YouTube? 

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